Rant and Rave: Readers delve into wood burning

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Written by zfarihe

RANT to wood heating. A cozy fireplace emits the same dirty, toxic chemicals as the Cascades wildfires, and the impacts on your neighbors who breathe in that smoke are just as severe. If you burn wood indoors or outdoors, in a fireplace or woodstove, smoker or fireplace, you are creating an unsafe air quality.

RAVE at the Ferris Wheel, a continuous nighttime delight with colorful designs celebrating our sports teams, holidays and local events. While some may criticize the waterfront lights, thank you so much for being a good neighbor in celebrating the spirit of Seattle!

RANT to anyone complaining about people using wood stoves! We are on a fixed income and our wood stove is our only source of heat! After it got so hot and then suddenly so cold, my husband wanted to use the stove. I told him no because I felt guilty doing it because I have a health problem that smoking makes worse. But we were cold even after the multiple sweaters and blankets.

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