• Cat and Water

    Some cats can’t stand water, they will run away as they’ll hear the water running, but some cats not only they don’t mind water, but the even love it…

  • Houdini Cat

    Watch the great Houdini disappearing act. I wonder how this couch build… Post by Tuvia Rothem.

  • Houdini Cat

    Watch the great Houdini disappearing act. I wonder how this couch build… Post by Tuvia Rothem.

  • Annoying dogs?

    These dogs are too friendly, they don’t get the concept of personal space, and they want to play in the most inconvenient times… Isn’t that annoying?

  • What’s in the Closet?

    Cats love closets. I don’t know why, but something about the confined, dark, filled with soft clothes space is appealing to them.

  • For all those reasons

    For all those reasons and more… Cats are totally adorable, cute, smart, friendly (when they feel like it), and of course they are absolutely funny. And that’s why we love them!


Recent Videos

  • Always Land On Your Feet

    Hamas rocket ricochet hitting a tree in Tel Aviv, Watch who jump out of the tree, landing on its feet.. Post by ynet.

  • Best Friend

    Best Friend

    Cats and dogs, they’re not always enemies. Cats and dogs can be friends.. very good friends, BFFs.

  • Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine

    It’s time to wake up! Having trouble getting out of bed? No Problem! your cat will make sure you’re up on your feet in no time

  • The Men Best Friend

    The Men Best Friend

    It is common to think of dogs as men best friend. See what happens when a dog attacks a little child. A cat chases the dog away and saving the child. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Laundry Day

    Laundry Day

    Cats love laundry… They love it when it smells, right before you put it the machine, they love it when it’s clean (hiding in it) They love the laundry basket – they sleep on it, play in it and they sure love to put clean sheets on the bed..

  • Kitten seeking  nipple

    Kitten seeking nipple

    This kitten is so hungry that he will do anything, and will search everywhere for some food… Kinda desperate to look for food in a stuffed dog puppet, though

  • Ping Pong cats

    Ping Pong cats

    It seems that cats love ping pong.. It’s quite obvious if you think about it, Ping Pong got it all, the movement. the sound. it is a classic cat’s game

  • New kitten is hungry

    New kitten is hungry

    This gorgeous little tubby is pretty hungry. You can hear how he talks while eating. Although we might think it’s adorable, a cat “talking” while eating, sometimes signifies that he’s just doesn’t feel all too well (physically), so take note.

  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum Cleaners

    Cats and household appliances, usually will produce funny moments. Vacuum cleaners are controversial as not all feline feeling good around them, but those who get along with them (i.e. not running away at very first sight of the horrid device of doom) are very cute and funny

  • Ping-Pong cat

    Ping-Pong cat

    This is a special kind of referee.. He’s really get involved in the game.. I’m not sure its matching the rule book, but it’s cute as hell PING PONG CAT from Hello Future Films on Vimeo.



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