• Bonamassa acoustic

    joe Bonamassa kills it on acoustic guitar. I love joe’s music, I love his feel and sound.

  • Race with the devil

    Al di Meola – the Spanish guitar king. “Race with the devil on Spanish Highway” – What a great track, consider it was recorded first in 1977 (on the album “Elegant Gypsy”). Download this fabulous classic album now!

  • The man

    Les Claypool in a killer slap bass solo. Played during One Better at Wakarusa ’06

  • Fives

    Guthrie Govan “Fives”, what a great track, a phenomenal guitarist with amazing abilities. Wow!!!!

  • The Bass shredder

    Billy Sheehan in an extraordinary bass solo, showing all he’s got, and he’s got a lot… Shot live at the Budokan festival, February 2009

  • Metallica by 4 years old

    This kid is four (4) years old when this video was shot. It was at 2009, I can only imagine how he’s playing now, suppose to be at the age of 7-8. Amazing.


Recent Videos

  • King Slap solo

    King Slap solo

    Mark King of Level 42 in a great slap solo.

  • Hybrid picking by Bumblefoot

    Hybrid picking by Bumblefoot

    Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns’n’Roses) demonstrate his hybrid picking technique, showing his cool “Real” riff and explains it. Interview by Chris Buono for the April 2008 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

  • Symphony No. 5

    Symphony No. 5

    Yngwie Malmsteen none for his classical influences, In this video he’s performing Beethoven Symphony No 5. Great version from 1985 by this master shredder. Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitar InstructionalOld Price: $29.95Price: $17.98

  • Crazy Train

    Crazy Train

    Crazy Train solo need no introduction. Zakk Wylde the third axeman of the Ozz performing this legendary solo written by the fabulous Randy Rohads, R.I.P. Great solo, great performance.

  • Drum Battle

    Drum Battle

    Two legendary drummers: The Muppet show own Animal versus the amazing Buddy Rich. It’s kinda old stuff, but still funny, and Mr. Rich is Mr. Rich…. Great show. Famous DRUM BEATS, Grooves & Licks (Greatest Drum BEATS & FILLS Of All Time!) Old Price: $9.99

  • Speed Kills

    Speed Kills

    Michael Angelo Batio is one of the fastest guitarists on the planet, some say he is the fastest of them all. Check out how he does it.

  • Eruption


    Amazing guitarist, the man who introduced tapping to the world and changed the way millions of guitarist play and approach their instruments. Mr. Edward Van Halen playing Eruption guitar solo live.

  • Stuart Hamm two hand tapping

    Stuart Hamm two hand tapping

    Stu Hamm needs no introduction. He’s a master bass player, here his bass solo live at the Montreux Jazz festival, 1988 (with Joe Satriani). Check out his great technique. Two hand tapping and slapping, this guy sounds like an entire orchestra. Respect! Illegal Bass Price: $6.99

  • Buddy Rich

    Buddy Rich

    An amazing drum solo by Buddy Rich. This guy totally rules

  • Brendon Small

    Brendon Small