• Paper Cat

    Love the sound of paper… This cute tubby is meditating on the sound of paper.

  • Unusual Freindship

    Weasel and a kitten… This lovely little weasel has designs on this kitten! Watch him take her neck in his mouth! So cute! Unusual friendship that brings a grin to your face. What a great video

  • ‘Loverless’ feat. George the cat – Ayleen O’Hanlon

    Watch George cuddling, playing and trying to catch the strings while Ayleen sings and plays her guitar. Adorable video. Beautiful song.

  • Cat and Pepper

    What would you choose to use as a pillow? Well, this ginger tubby is chilling on a red bell pepper…

  • All the Love in the World

    Cornelius the cat and his favorite person in the whole world – his Daddy! They really enjoy being together, and snuggle – it’s just adorable. This kitty loves his human, (you can tell by the head-bumps he gives him)

  • BombaCat

    Enough of filming yourself practicing yoga! What about some TLC for your kitty?


Recent Videos

  • Cats Say Thank You For Thanksgiving

    Cats Say Thank You For Thanksgiving

    Everyone have a reason to thankful for something, and when we’re thankful for what we have we get more of it, that’s the way of the universe

  • Babies Love Cats

    Babies Love Cats

    Babied and cats get along fine, after all babies hold lots of potential, for petting, for food and for playing. And cats make babies laugh.

  • Acrobat Kitten

    Acrobat Kitten

    You won’t believe what tricks this kitty do with chairs, he ought to have his own circus or show. This kitty have talent!!!

  • Cat in a Hammock

    Cat in a Hammock

    Timo the Cat and his bed, it took him a while to get the hang of it, but once he did, boy, what a treat.

  • Too Much Cat-Nip

    Too Much Cat-Nip

    Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family. It is best known for its ability to get cats high. The active ingredient that causes a high in cats is an essential oil called nepetalactone. Nepetalactone causes a hallucinogenic effect. Some say the effects are similar to LSD. After watching this kitty – it sure looks like he’s tripping

  • The Laws of Physics

    The Laws of Physics

    Kittens are super cute when they play with things, These kittens were interested in the Newton’s Cradle executive toy, but these cuties aren’t just playing, their learning physics! Adorable!

  • Mutual Bath

    Mutual Bath

    This pure Bengal cats licking each other with such passion. Max is the Silver Marbled Bengal and Treacle is the Brown Marbled Bengal with the glitter coat. They make a lovely couple.

  • Kitten Therapy

    Kitten Therapy

    What is the secret to stress relief? Tiny kittens! Strangers were invited to step inside a big glass “therapy” office and were surprised with kitten playtime. Amazing testimonial of people who admit to be very stressed before they stepped into the “therapy” office.

  • Cat Saves Owner Life

    Cat Saves Owner Life

    A brave cat called Sally saved its owner from his burning house in Australia. The amazing kitty managed to wake up the owner before it was too late. The fire service said he was lucky to have got out alive.

  • Sad Cat’s Diary

    Sad Cat’s Diary

    Have you ever wondered what’s on your cat’s mind? The secretive thoughts of cats are revealed!



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